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    Talent Solution Overview

    Bubufds is a leading talent acquisition expert in the industry, assisting organizations in appointing highly qualified candidates to fill vacancies in the company. The Bubufds team is very experienced and has successfully provided high-quality headhunting services for multiple management talents and different types of business departments. Today’s market is becoming more and more challenging for companies working on a global scale. For an enterprise to succeed, the HR team must make changes in the processes and decisions of key factors such as globalization, digitalization, compliance, integration, and talent, to make it more strategic and forward-looking. Bubufds knows that employees are the biggest investment, challenge and opportunity for customers. Companies must have a good understanding of their workforce, make business decisions quickly and reasonably, and seize opportunities.

    Confirming agreement with employee

    Talent Solution Services include the following:

    Brainstorming recruiting strategies

    International talent acquisition

    The Bubufds headhunting service uses in-depth research, concentrated search, and highly focused strategies to identify qualified candidates in the corresponding industry sector. Qualified candidates are generated through targeted industry searches conducted locally, regionally, and internationally, combined with Tricor’s comprehensive database of candidates and an extensive recommendation network in the market.

    Checking the validity

    Background Screening

    Companies with a high degree of compliance in the recruitment process will need to review their candidates. In order to verify the candidate’s claim, our global screening team is ready to conduct background checks to evaluate the validity of the information provided in the candidate’s resume and other supporting documents. In addition to checking the facts, our screening staff will also ask about the reputation and performance of the candidates. Contact our team to obtain a competitive quote that suits your company’s needs.


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