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    Sales & Marketing Overview

    The rapid changes in the market are creating a lot of opportunities. In order to succeed in this marketing revolution, companies must transform their business functions. We provide clear information, work closely with customers to filter data, and immediately make the right decisions and actions to help customers achieve sustainable organic growth. Our approach tests every element of the customer experience and provides the best service at every touchpoint. We not only help your organization develop a solid strategy, but our team will also help you execute all your goals, provide the necessary tools, diagnostics, and benchmark tests to change the way you serve customers and earn their lasting loyalty.

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    Sales & Marketing Services include the following:

    International Sales Solution (ISS)

    We created the International Sales Solution(ISS) to help companies measure and manage Global business opportunities. The International Sales Solution (ISS) is a single, powerful tool that can help you find out the global sales opportunities in the most suitable way while inspiring the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity of your employees. The result: profitable, sustainable organic growth. 


    ‣ Stage 1: Global Sales Research & Consulting

    ‣ Stage 2: Sales Strategic Planning & Report

    ‣ Stage 3: Inside sales stage

    ‣ Stage 4: Field sales

    ‣ Stage 5: Consumer Success & CRM

    Providing sales solutions

    International Marketing Solution (IMS)

    We also provide full range marketing support for overseas business start-ups and development. We help clients make core transformations in marketing strategy and operations to power growth.


    ‣Product introduction and localization planning

    ‣Promotional & marketing channel strategy

    ‣Pricing strategy

    ‣Market communication strategy

    ‣Assessment of sales channel

    ‣Assist in sales activities & marketing activities

    ‣Partner and Supplier communication & Negotiation assist

    Generating marketing ideas


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