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    Risk Management Overview

    We provide integrated Risk and compliance solutions to assist you in establishing a healthy corporate governance framework.

    Risk Management Services

    Risk management Service include the following:

    ‣ Evaluate the uncertainties

    Bubufds help clients to evaluate the uncertainties. Uncertainty evaluation refers to the process of risk identification, classification, and assessment. Uncertainties will usually be evaluated by statistical measurement, and presented as numerical values to quantify its likelihood, impacts, speed of onset, and vulnerability to a company. It is inevitable that business expansion will undertake a new risk universe for a company. So, it is of paramount importance to assess this new bunch of uncertainties.


    ‣ Risk management planning

    Bubufds help clients to analysing the potential risks during and after expansion, risk management planning is a disciplined and ongoing process to develop risk mitigation approaches based on the defined risk tolerance thresholds. In practice, comprehensive planning comprises major tasks like formulating proactive mitigation strategies, contingency planning, periodic reviews and reports.


    ‣ F&S Support

    Feasibility study support refers to the holistic analysis of a project or decision’s relevant factors with the assistance of Bubufds Solution. As the success of business expansion depends on the uptake of different proposals, projects and decisions. Hence, feasibility study support plays a pivotal role in fueling business sustainability. In this way, business alternatives can be reduced so that it can sharpen the focus and facilitate the decision making of management teams. Therefore, new business opportunities can be easily identified and seized, and contribute to the growth of expansion strategies.


    ‣ PS planning

    Profit sharing planning refers to the planning of an incentivized compensation program to provide employees’ payments other than regular salary and bonuses. Profit sharing is basically based on the profitability of a company. Details like the appropriate percentage, form, and qualification for profit sharing plan need to be addressed in the planning phase. Concerning business expansion, staffing is one of the major concerns of an enterprise. And, profit sharing planning is of huge significance to employee retention and motivation. To attract employees to stay in the company, the planning of profit sharing is therefore crucial to the overall success of the operation after expansion.


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