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    Operation Overview

    While you are expanding the business in the globe, setting up a systematic company’s operations is also important. From the back office to the frontline and the entire supply chain, Bubufds offers a variety of solutions helping clients to build up a well-developed operating model. We will ensure that you focus on opportunities to maximize competitive advantage and strengthen the link between operations and strategy. We have applied outstanding expertise on an extraordinary scale. Our experts use knowledge, research, proprietary tools and thought leadership from different categories and industries to work on a global scale.

    Working situation of our advisory team

    Operating Service include the following:

    Operating new branches in foreign countries, we can offer assistance to the establishment of operating systems to help you adapt to foreign business norms, cultures, and regulations.


    Assistance on building up the basic framework of the organization, operations, and IT systems
    Whilst organizational planning refers to the process of identifying business goals, formulating and supervising specific strategies, operational framework planning is for devising different frameworks and management structures in order to set out the way of business operation. And, both require the allocation of staffing and resources.

    Assistance on operational standard development
    A standard operating procedure is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help employees carry out complex routine operations. It aims to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, at the same time, reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.

    Assistance on in Licenses application
    To legally operate a business in a country, a business must have the necessary business licenses and permit requirements. The business licenses and permits will be issued based on the nature of your business activity. Also, the government department or agency can be responsible for the issuing of these licenses. Licenses need to be assisted and managed to operate well.

    Overall project directing
    Overall project directing is important because it brings leadership and direction to your business ventures and projects. Leadership allows and enables team members to do their best work. Project directing provides leadership, vision, motivation and inspiration for your company to do their best work. Without project directing, your business ventures would be leaderless and employees would be left without a sense of direction.


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