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Investment Banking Overview

Investment banking is a division of a bank or institution that assists companies and the government by providing capital raising and mergers and acquisitions services. Besides, the investment banking front office acts as an agent between corporations and investors where it offers a variety of services including Sales and Trading, Equity Research and Asset management. In sales and trading, investment banking matches up parties in fixed income, stocks and derivatives. Whereas the mid and back-office are responsible for risk management, treasury, accounting, IT, compliance and HR.

Our Insights

Mergers and acquisitions services will have a rapid change and challenge this year. The slowing economy, geopolitical strains, regulatory demands and fear of economic recession could complicate the M&A environment. US corporations are expected to hold or raise more than 2 trillion in capital due to near-zero/negative interest rates resulting in low cost of borrowing. Therefore, the M&A deals remain active during coronavirus and other uncertain times. Due to the geopolitical strains, Investors would tend to seek regionally. As a result, cross-border deals are not optimistic. AI is now becoming more popular among the investment banking industry, it predicts risks in trading much faster than human analysts and might also be ubiquitously applied to automating data collection in the next five years.

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