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    Global Expansion Overview

    Global expansion option is a planned distribution and delivery method of goods or services to a new target market. Developing a market-entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of potential competitors and possible customers. Relevant factors that must be considered when deciding the viability of entry into a particular market. Bubu & Friends, as the leading business solution firm in global business expansion. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and a global mindset to help you find out the most suitable entry option for your business.

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    Global Expansion Support Services include the following:


    We provide cleient with best practices and tailored, customized approaches to establishing an exporting system that selling client products/service directly into the new targeted market. We will discovered the agents and distributors who can work closely with you in representing your interests.

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    Franchising is a typical process for rapid market expansion but it is gaining traction in other parts of the world. We help our clients to transfer their repeatable business model to the targeted market. We empower clients to prepare strategies and plans, which can build up a strong brand recognition that can be utilized internationally.

    Prepare plans and strategies

    Joint Venture

    We help clients to find out the best partner to work together in a particular market, either geographic or product, and create a third company to undertake the global market challenges. We provide parties with a consulting activity to help the Joint ventures with 1+1=3 outcomes. 

    Establish partnership and collaboration


    We assist our clients to ensure that their newly acquired companies are ready to operate in all jurisdictions. We are good at cooperating with companies, private equity investment operating partners, and transaction consultants to meet local compliance challenges while ensuring the completion of transactions on schedule and the stability of future operations.

    establish collaboration

    Offshore Expansion

    An offshore expansion is certainly the most costly and holds the highest risk. Our comprehensive and innovative team will help clients to undertake the cost and risk due to government regulations, transportation costs, and the ability to access technology or skilled labor.

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