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    Consulting Overview

    Bubufds works with clients to enhance their competitiveness and create more business value for customers. With the company’s professionals, Bubufds can provide professional solutions that meet the specific needs of customers. Global operations face challenges and may introduce new and often complex problems. Our online roster of consulting experts can help you reduce stress and headaches. Bubufds’ consulting solutions team can help you expand into new regions and operate more efficiently in existing regions. Our work ranges from solving small one-off challenges to managing large and complex consulting projects, which gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business.

    Providing advice to clients

    Consulting Service include the following:

    Our consulting team specializes in global business expansion strategies. We have employees on a global scale, which enables us to act quickly and provide efficient and effective consulting services in the following broad areas:


    International Tax Consulting
    We provide a broad range of tax consulting services (including fund structuring, mergers, and acquisitions, due diligence, cross-border structuring, trust planning, etc) and tax compliance services to our clients.

    Global Governance Consulting
    Global governance is today’s challenge, seeking to overcome the various types of instabilities that have become international problems. We conduct a specialized analysis of the security sector and support politically responsible decision-makers to implement reform plans tailored to their specific requirements.

    Human Resources Consulting
    Human capital development is key to company success. Improving the recruiting process and allowing companies to improve employee experience and encourage a healthy and supportive working environment (e.g. allowing diversity in the workplace) Appropriate exit interviews can also be conducted to understand the staff retention rate.


    Corporate social responsibility Consulting
    The term corporate social responsibility, a company’s responsibility to the communities a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental, and social developments. We help clients establish strong CSR profiles that improve visibility and strengthen relationships and reputation among key stakeholders.

    Alliance Strategy Development Consulting
    Alliance and business partner research can take different forms, from networking to searching online. With the given time period, taking advantage of remote networking events are becoming more prominent. As business alliances and partners provide established marketing and distribution systems as well as solutions to ongoing needs regarding changing products or management issues, thorough research on potential strategic alliances and partnerships is of importance in a global expansion setting.


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