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Who We Are

Bubu & Friends. is the leading business solution firm in global business expansion. We work with global leaders and expertise, offer a comprehensive package of services to our clients in over 11 countries. We value our clients as our business partners and conquer the overseas market together. As specialists in the market, we providing expert advice to help clients successfully navigate international markets, supporting them to tackle their overseas challenges and capture the greatest opportunities in the overseas market.

serving the global market
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Global existence and network

What We Do

We partner with ambitious clients who want to capture overseas opportunities, not hide from it. Our business is about more than simply solving the challenges or problems, but rather to helps your business grow and enable sustained results. We strive to create unique solutions tailored to customers in different industries, help them see the world differently, find out opportunities they have never have imagined.

What Makes Bubu & Friends Different

global existence

Multi-National Team

Our experts around the world to provide you with the latest information on overseas business opportunities. Our specialists in each location provide real business insight into their local market.

skyrocketing increase in performance

Local Networking

When it comes to a successful business, networking is of the most important factors. Our networking in the local market can make you discover suitable partners and contribute to your rapid development.

communicate in different languages with translation

Cross-Language Solution

Different cultures and languages are not a barrier to your plan and process of business expansion. Our team provides a translation service of over 6 languages to help you meet all your needs in a new market.

prepare professional advice

Experienced Professionals

We have served clients from the UK, HK, and Japan, etc. From local enterprises to global businesses. Whatever your business needs, we draw on our experience and skill to provide professional advice.

maximize your profit with our strategies

Flexible Strategy Planning

We understand that you need to enhance your competitive edge when expanding your business. Our strategies are made for your business’ unique requirements as we fit our expertise to your needs.

effective global mindset

Global Mindset

Our team has global mindset which is not only proven to boost productivity within our firm, but this also allows us to offer you tools and strategies to communicate effectively with your overseas business partners.