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Automative Overview

The automotive industry encompasses a wide range of functionalities including but not limited to R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of both motor parts and vehicles. Automotive is an industry that strives for operational excellence and labour efficiency that numerous parts are involved and each part along the chain has to be made and assembled with high precision. In this ever changing geopolitical scene, our team can help with mitigating risks through offering our expertise in global business management.

Our Insights

Automotive industry is one of the world’s largest economic sectors by revenue. Constant and rapid technological advancements are needed to support a company’s operation in all facets especially in operation, cybersecurity, risk management and mobility innovation. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for automobiles dropped. Governments across the globe now and may continue to support domestic manufacturing by incentivising end customers with tax cuts and subsidies. Dealership showrooms closed and may continue to be closed, hence companies have to rethink their distribution channels to attract and close sales such as by building online platforms to gain competitive edge.

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