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    Audit and Assurance Overview

    Bubufds works with audit and assurance experts which provide professional services that have built-in strict local regulatory compliance. No matter where you start your business, local experts all over the world can provide consistent service and quality. As you grow, a flexible delivery model will support you, and our consultants can even eliminate the uncertainty caused by the most difficult changes. In short, we are your only, integrated, outsourced expert when it comes to solving the complexities and risks of international accounting and tax compliance. To truly seize every international business opportunity, you need accounting and tax experts everywhere. Our seamless, best-practice accounting and tax processes are sufficiently scalable to easily adapt to your business and are flexible enough to reflect your growth. Specialized consulting services can help you make big strides into major transformation projects.

    Accounting tasks

    Audit and Assurance Service include the following:

    We provide support to businesses and other entities in auditing, assurance, and compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations, including corporate performance management and other corporate actions. We help you expand into new countries and operate more effectively in the ones you’re already in.


    ‣ Communicational guideline for branches and headquarter
    ‣ Consensus establishment
    ‣ Consistency of operation between branches and the headquarter
    ‣ Guideline of tax reporting and auditing
    ‣ Regular report to your company
    ‣ Regular business field visiting
    ‣ On-site investigation report

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