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    Advisory Overview

    Bubufds works with clients to enhance their competitiveness and create more business value for customers. With the company’s professionals, Bubufds can provide professional solutions that meet the specific needs of customers. Global operations face challenges and may introduce new and often complex problems. Our online roster of consulting experts can help you reduce stress and headaches. Bubufds’ consulting solutions team can help you expand into new regions and operate more efficiently in existing regions. Our work ranges from solving small one-off challenges to managing large and complex consulting projects, which gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business.

    Working situation of our advisory team

    Operating Service include the following:

    Our advisory team specialize in global business expansion strategies. We have employees on a global scale, which enables us to act quickly and provide efficient and effective consulting services in the following broad areas:

    ‣ Advisory on developing realistic business goals
    Business goals are an essential part of establishing priorities and setting your company up for success over a set period of time. Spending some time to create some individual objectives for each goal could greatly increase your ability to achieve the goals on time. With realistic business goals, a company is able to have a planned and strategic overview for the future development. 

    ‣ Advisory on providing with proposals to authorities

    A company could try to ask the authorities for funding to run their business in the local market. With a well-written proposal, the chance for the company to receive fundings from the authorities will raise a lot. Receiving fundings from authorities is crucial to the business to a certain extent. This could help the company improve its financial liquidity in the daily operations through having more capital. This could help to capture all the potential sales with adequate operating capital. Profitability would be boosted as well.

    ‣ Advisory on Due diligence planning

    Due diligence is an investigation, audit, or review performed to confirm the facts of a matter under consideration. Due diligence planning could help a company to manage their third-party relationships. With due diligence planning, a company could manage their third-party relationships effectively. This could help build strategic relationships and cooperation with the companies with good reputation and brand image. Future development and the brand image of the company could be a lot more clear and positive, leading to high revenue.

    ‣ Advisory on the expansion plan, B/S, P/L & C/F planning

    Since the business expansion is definitely an important milestone in a company, conducting expansion planning is therefore crucial to realizing this forward-thinking solution to expand the reach of a company and attain business growth. It can build the right foundation and accelerate the success of the expansion as details of the expansion strategies can be outlined for reference. So, the development of a viable business model and its execution can be facilitated. Also, more defined estimates of the time and financial resources can be referred to, thus calibrating the expansion with optimal resources.

    ‣ Advisory on the Organizations and operational framework planning

    Regardless of the form of business expansion, new organizations and operational frameworks should be adopted to seamlessly synchronize the new development with the existing one. And this section entails elements essential to the administration and operation of different departments within a company. It serves as the overarching framework guiding decisions and actions to support capability building, value creation and impact delivery for expansion. Following the suggested frameworks and goals identified in planning, targeted organizational and individual capabilities can be addressed, developed, and sustained. And, the business performance and core value can be driven, which can amplify the agility and competitive edge of a company.

    An advisory team member is working on her tasks


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