Holiday Season Boosts E-Commerce

Products in a shopping cart during Black Friday Sale

With Covid-19 driving everyone indoors, online shopping has become as popular as ever. The sales made over Black Friday and Cyber Monday were testament to this.

CNBC notes that for Amazon, 2020’s holiday sales has been the biggest in its history. The most popular items were to do with ‘nesting at home’ and ‘cozy comfort’, such as books, technology (e.g. the new Echo Dot), and beauty products.

Business Wire notes the explosion of the increasingly popular Shopify, which experienced a 50% increase from 2019. Like Amazon, self-care and ‘stay at home’ products were the most popular; apparel and accessories experienced the most sales with health and beauty, followed by home and garden. Sales in Japan, Italy, Germany, and the UK tripled from last year, with consumers in Japan and Australia spending the most on average.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has led to a decrease in-person sales as retailers tried to prevent crowds. Market Watch reports that in the US, traffic in stores decreased by 50% on average, but this may be countered by those who come later to avoid the crowds.

In terms of platforms, mobile generated 67% of sales while 33% of sales were made on desktop. This is a slight e-commerce decline compared to 2019, but it may be because fewer people are choosing to spend more. The Drum notes a trend from earlier in the year in which desktop users tend to spend more.

Clearly, digital platforms are key to surviving in present times and it’s a trend that is here to stay. Establishing an online presence also makes global expansion an easier process. For expert advice on digitalizing your business, contact us here now.