Sustainable Business in Japan

A bowl is mended by the art of 'kintsugi', which uses powdered metals to mend broken pottery

Climate change is one of the world’s biggest issues today, and something you likely want to keep in mind when conducting business overseas. If you’re still unsure of where to expand your business, why not consider Japan? Economically strong, politically stable and respected by the world, its sustainable practices make it an increasingly attractive option.

There is a Japanese phrase, もったいない (‘mottainai’) that is similar to the English idiom ‘waste not, want not’. It communicates regret at an item not being used to its fullest potential before being discarded or thrown away. Indeed, the above image shows a bowl mended by the art of 金継ぎ (‘kintsugi’) which uses powdered metals to mend broken pottery. This process follows the philosophy of もったいない, which has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years with repair shops becoming popular among the public instead of throwing away a broken object.

There is also an attitude of collective responsibility that fits right in with Japan’s communal culture and can be seen in their extensive recycling system (recycling 84% of their plastic waste – one of the highest in the world!). Japanese businesses have acknowledged this growing trend by involving sustainable policies in their strategies. Akio Toyoda’s recent commitment to take full consideration of the UN’s sustainable development goals into his business operations shows the growing awareness of climate change in Japan. Hitachi and Sony have also implemented environmentally friendly goals into their long-term strategies, demonstrating increasing public pressure to show environmental awareness. In addition to this, the country’s goal of reaching 24% of its renewable energy goals by 2030 has promoted a push towards renewable energy sources, with solar being their top priority.

If your business is involved in renewable resources or in repairing or mending objects, then Japan would be an extremely successful place to start your global expansion project! Contact us here for a free online consultation on your best options and create an efficient plan with us!