A Little More About Our Values

Aiming to make changes to the world

Bubu and Friends (originally Bubufds Solution) began with three competition winners desperate to make a change in the world. This was Ryszard Yeung CEO, Winning a worldwide business competition in Japan opened their eyes to a world of endless opportunities – and so began the creation of Bubu and Friends.

Our Vision to promote world peace through global connections have come from the founders’ own international experiences, where they found only strengths working in multinational and multicultural environments. Many of our founding staff have been educated at world-class institutions away from their home countries, giving them an appreciation for the benefits of diversity; multiple perspectives enable innovative solutions.

Our Mission to cultivate a culture of open communication is enabled by our belief in mutual respect. The founders’ time overseas taught them that respect is key to understanding others and open avenues of conversation which broaden horizons. All creativity is welcomed, so members are emboldened to voice their ideas to spark original strategies. Everyone works hard in this community and inspires each other to excel in the global business community.

Our Value is summed up in our name; Bubu and Friends. Bubu is a nickname of one of our co-founders and it embodies how we greet others with warmth and familiarity. This mindset towards friendship lies at the root of our business – three friends who realised the positive impact they could make. Now we strive for excellence everyday to create a united world.