Manufacturing Hong Kong – the Big Break for Your Overseas Business

Components of a technological product

Considering Hong Kong’s prominent position in the global market, manufacturing your items in Hong Kong may give you the foot in the international marketplace you have been looking for. It comes as no surprise that many products are sourced from there; Hong Kong is also easily accessible to other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Vietnam where manufacturing costs are fairly affordable, which makes it the ideal location for starting your global expansion project. The following lists some products that could be desirable and profitable in most areas of the world:


  • Personal devices: Phones, laptops, and tablets are in high demand at the moment due to their global necessity and popularity. Hong Kong is particularly successful at manufacturing such devices and so importing, exporting, and selling these products would make a prosperous business in Hong Kong. If you are unable to set up your own factory, offering Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services to other companies may be an option. This enables them to manufacture your product for you (under your brand name) and has the added benefit of strengthening your relationship with local business owners in the same field which provides a great opportunity for networking.
  • Electronics: Much like personal devices, electronic items such as air conditioning and refrigerators are needed in most places around the world. Hong Kong is an excellent location to manufacture these items as international buyers purchase them for a lower price and sell them for a profit – or if you are able, you might be able to sell them yourself at overseas prices. Again, you can provide OEM services to local companies to save costs and time.

Fashion Items: Exports from the fashion industry is booming in Hong Kong, whether it be clothing, accessories, or bags. You can make them for an affordable price while still maintaining a high standard of quality. Profits could also be made by providing entrepreneurs beginning their own fashion brand with branding and OEM services.

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