Tipping in Japan

A man is giving tips to the waitress while paying the bills

In western countries, especially in the US, tipping is the standard way to thank your server. However, the culture is somewhat different in Japan.

When visiting Japan, there is no need to tip to anyone – in fact, it would be considered rude if you do, rather than seen as an act of gratitude. By tipping, you insult the server at the other end by insinuating that they need the help and that you consider their job to be ‘low-status’. Most restaurants in Japan require you to pay at the front register of the restaurant rather than leaving a tip behind at the table, and there is no need to tip taxi drivers or hotel staff.

Since Japan is a culture rooted in hard work, you are most likely to receive excellent treatment as they take pride in their work. Leaving a tip would be insulting to their pride. The high quality service you receive is seen as the standard of the job, rather than something you pay for with tips.

Tipping is merely a cultural difference – it certainly requires you to do less maths in Japan though! Keep potential cultural differences in mind when visiting other countries and make sure to do your research beforehand. For more information about your relevant location, contact us here.