Right Place, Right Time: A Case Study on Nintendo

A man is playing games on his Nintendo Switch

Covid-19 has forced most people to spend a vast majority of their time at home. Is there anything to do without being in danger of catching the virus?

Nintendo seems to have the answer to this; there has been a surge of popularity in the Nintendo Switch game ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’. This social simulation game, where players interact with anthropomorphic animals as well as other players on an island setting, has become an unexpected cultural phenomenon during this time of crisis. 

This has greatly benefitted Nintendo, with the gaming company reporting a higher than expected quarterly profits in June 2020 due to consumers buying a Switch console and the game.

Even now, after the reopening of most places, news of Covid-19 and its effects continue to ravage the headlines. However, what the Japanese based company has been able to do is provide escapism and wholesome experiences in such cynical and desperate times. The game has also been able to provide a space for players to interact safely with each other within the game, thus enabling isolated individuals to gain some much needed social interaction.

As more people become more weary, there needs to be an outlet where people can be taken away from reality. In the case of Animal Crossing New Horizons and Covid-19, Nintendo has tapped into people’s need to look away from reality and provided a safe haven for getaways, creating social benefit to the consumer and financial benefit for the company. The company has done what appears to be impossible for most businesses in these times; generated profit and success, through a combination of adapting to changing situations and releasing the game at the right time. Could your business also succeed by changing with the times? Are there previously unexplored avenues? Contact us here for advice to thrive during these times.