How to grow my business to the international level?

Exploring business opportunities in different countries

To grow businesses to an international scale, there are many different ways and the resources and time required vary between different methods. Business growth can be organic or inorganic. Inorganic growth is growth from buying other businesses or opening new locations.

Meanwhile, organic growth is internal growth the company sees from its operations, often measured by same-store or comparable sales. Businesses could adapt either one approach when growing to an international level. 

For small scale companies, adapting a non-equity mode of entry might be more ideal. This is because it requires a smaller amount of money to set up. Therefore, it is more affordable and less risky for smaller organisations.

On the other hand, larger organisation are more suitable in equity-based modes and shared equity modes.

These two modes of entry would work for larger companies, since they would have more capital and resources. Moreover, these two modes can accelerate the speed of entry/expansion by fostering inorganic growth.   

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