South Korean Games Move from PCs to Mobile

Gaming console of PlayStation

Nikkei Asian Review writes that Korea’s top three gaming companies – Nexon, NCsoft, and Netmarble – are changing their focus from PC computers to the mobile phone market and console market.

Nexon has hinted at entering the mobile game market by way of the Chinese company, Tencent Holdings. Tencent, a long time collaborator with Nexon, will help the company spread their mobile version of their popular hit game, “Dungeon & Fighter”. 60 million Chinese players have pre-registered for the mobile game at the moment. According to a company spokesperson, they are likely to expand more with the mobile market as they have the potential to expand dramatically.

NCsoft started to stream their game, Lineage, to mobile phones in 2017. Over the second quarter they saw their sales double and their operating profits triple. Netmarble also released their game, Seven Knights, to the Nintendo Switch hoping to gain access into the console market.

Having previous game titles being used for new platforms not only cuts costs but also drives up revenue. When consumers see a familiar title, they are more likely to flock towards it, as can be seen in the recent popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

With recent stay at home orders and travel restrictions, more people are looking to playing games at home on their consoles and other devices and these three gaming companies are taking every advantage of this opportunity. This pandemic has provided unexpected perks to businesses that are willing to adapt and change – is this something your business can do? For expert advice and assistance, contact us here.