Which Mask for Covid-19?

People are wearing masks

Apple stores in the UK are implementing a new regulation where customers entering their stores must wear Apple-supplied masks when their own are deemed insufficient. Forbes writes of an incident in which staff prompted and gave a blue-surgical style mask when a man with a bandana-style face covering tried to enter the store, thus encouraging them to take their original mask off indoors.

However, the UK government guidance accepts most face coverings, including forms such as a scarf, bandana, cloth, religious garments, and the disposable mask. According to this guide, the only non-recommended masks are surgical masks or respirators due to their limited availability. These are classified as PPE and should be reserved for those in industrial and medical settings. Indeed, the World Health Organisation’s suggestion of two or three layers of fabric that covers the nose and mouth has been deemed sufficient in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Is Apple just being too cautious and as a result, encouraging their customers to break government mandated protocols? Should you implement this strategy in your business or organization (if you do, have them change their mask before they step inside the building)? Nevertheless, it’s an interesting take on businesses adapting to changing situations. Contact us here for advice to navigate your own business through Covid-19.